Brand Audit

A brand audit is a comprehensive analysis of a company’s brand, including its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It typically includes an examination of the brand’s positioning, messaging, and visual identity, as well as its performance in the market. A brand audit aims to identify areas for improvement and develop a plan to enhance the brand’s performance. This may include changes to the brand’s messaging, visual identity, or positioning and the development of new products or services.

It helps identify areas for improvement: By conducting a comprehensive analysis of a company’s current branding efforts, a brand audit can reveal areas where the company is falling short and where improvements can be made.

It provides a snapshot of the company’s current branding efforts: A brand audit offers a detailed picture of its current branding efforts, including its name, logo, messaging, and reputation. This information can be used to make informed decisions about future branding efforts.

It helps to align internal and external branding efforts: A brand audit can reveal inconsistencies between a company’s internal branding efforts (e.g. employee training) and external branding efforts (e.g. marketing materials). By identifying these inconsistencies, a brand audit can help ensure that all branding efforts are aligned and effective.

It helps stay competitive: A brand audit allows a company to assess their position in the market and understand its competitors better. By doing so, they can make necessary adjustments to stay competitive and relevant in the market.

It helps in budget allocation: A brand audit can help a company identify areas where it is spending too much or too little on branding efforts. This information can be used to make more informed decisions about budget allocation.

Since 1999 Dars Consulting has had many success stories to tell. A combination of modern marketing with technology and creativity produced an excellent track record. Based in London, Dars Consulting is a global player in strategic communications and corporate branding. We are proud to name the following international brands among our clients:

Rosenthal, Germany
Brand relations and regional corporate communications.

Versace, Italy
Brand relations and regional corporate communications of the luxury tableware division

TransContainer, Russia
Brand development from its launch as Russia’s first nationwide railway container operator.

Mammoet, Netherlands
Brand development and regional corporate communications of the global leader in heavy lifting and oversized cargo

Commercial Sea Port of Baku, Azerbaijan
Rebranding with a production of brand manual, print and corporate digital stationery and corporate presentation film.

A brand is the greatest asset for many companies. An effective brand represents a company’s vision, mission and personality. When all these elements are clear to the target groups brand can generate the right associations and form correct stereotypes.

Dars Consulting believes that brand auditing is an essential part of any business and strives to help national and international companies around the world reach the highest quality standards in communications to maintain an outstanding reputation locally and globally. With the help of Dars Consulting, our clients always know where they stand and are well-positioned to take any strategic measures that improve their brand. A brand audit is also required to review the brand’s impact on the company’s target groups.

Brand audit by Dars Consulting evaluates the internal and external communication of the client’s brand using surveys, data analytics and competitive review.

As a part of the brand audit, Dars Consulting develops an action plan to help our client perform due diligence and understand its corporate communications’ strengths and flaws. 

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