NEW taste

NEW TASTE is an exciting new opportunity for the international food industry. A unique multimedia project came to life on the best media resources of the global broadcasting corporation BBC. NEW TASTE will introduce the best national food brands to the elite international audience.   

Our world has never felt as small as it feels now. People all over the world were forced to stop travelling and had to stay at home instead. Travelling which had become such a big part of our life all of a sudden became impossible. What we missed most was meeting new people, embracing new cultures and discovering new tastes. So people all over the world got more creative at home! Instead of going to the restaurants, we took to our kitchens! Cooking has never been so popular!

We want to experiment, and we can’t wait to try something new, international cuisine brings new joy to our lives. This time brings a unique opportunity to the international food industry and to the national food brands who want to expand internationally and win new export markets.

Local specialities win new markets all over the world. Great Taste Award UK goes to the producers of the world foods loved by the British people. Rye bread, kefir, twarog, buckwheat, Medovik, Lithuanian bakery are just a few of the new favourites of the British families. This trend if truly international with interest to the new foods raising all over the world.       

2020 is the year of the international expansion for tens and hundreds of food brands. DARS CONSULTING created the NEW TASTE project on the multimedia platform of BBC with the best food and drinks brands of the world in mind.

NEW TASTE is a multimillion audience all over the world and precise geographic targeting which allows you to create the most effective marketing communications. You can choose the countries where you’d like to promote your brand, and we’ll help you to deliver your message. We want you to be successful in the new markets!

NEW TASTE project is a synergy of:

BBC Good Food Magazine – which is in the heart of multimillion audience which defines food trends – arguably the world best gastonomic website – one of the world most trusted news website
BBC World Service  – BBC news service which exists on 29 languages 
TV channel BBC World News – one of the largest and most trusted TV channels of the world with the audience of 465 mln people.

Please choose one of the following NEW TASTE packages:

 NEW TASTE Middle East
 NEW TASTE North America
 NEW TASTE digital

We want your brand to be successful and loved! Let’s make our world more exciting and delicious place to live!

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