Website Revenue

Dars Consulting works with Taboola since 2021. We introduce Taboola technology to Dars Consulting clients and help them implement solutions developed by Taboola to grow revenue, engagement, & audience.

Taboola acts as a search engine but in reverse. Instead of inputting keywords to find information, Taboola helps people discover content they may like but never knew existed, through personalized recommendations on
top sites around the web, across desktop and mobile devices.

Taboola’s algorithmic engine lets Publishers reach the right audience based on their business goals, such as increasing email subscriptions or getting more video views. Publishers can drive quality traffic to their website by getting their content recommended on other publisher sites.

Using Tabolla’s algorithmic engine clients of Dars Consulting can generate revenue from their website or mobile app with targeted recommendations from Taboola’s sponsored content marketplace that includes millions of items from different content providers.

Solutions developed by Taboola are used by the biggest publishers in the world: BBC World News, Daily Mail, Euronews, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Independent, Le Figaro, NBC News, Sabah, Tribune, Time Warner Cable, EuroSport, Vechernyaya Moskva, USA Today, Yahoo Japan…

Please ask us how Taboola’s algorithmic engine can grow the revenue, engagement and audience of your website.