The Brief:
In 2011, LUKOIL became the first Russian company to receive the qualification admission to work on the continental shelf of Norway, in his capacity as operator. In 2012, the company was established in Oslo, and in 2013 a 22-ND license round, conducted by the Ministry of petroleum and energy of Norway took place. Ecology is one of the most important issues in Norway, so it was extremely important for the LUKoil to position itself not only as a major energy company with advanced technologies, but as a responsible in terms of ecology international corporation.

The Solution:
To expand LUKoil brand awareness beyond oil and gas industry and present company as a responsible international corporation with a special accent to the ecology. Instead of PR campaign, which might be informative, but not so powerful in terms of building stereotypes, we proposed a creative solution based on the advertising campaign. Global TV channel BBC World News was chosen as a media platform because of the following qualities: most trusted media brand with the largest influential audience among international political, business , economy and ecology related organisations. Start of the campaign was coordinated with the start of the World Economic Forum in Davos, so company’s message was well positioned within topics of the greatest importance for the development of the world’s economy. Dars Consulting handled all legal and admin issues related to the approval of creative by the BBC compliance team. Creative solution and TV commercial was produced by DARS FILMS.

The Result:
LUKOIL has become party to the joint ventures on two licensed sites in the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea-PL and PL 719 708.

We will be glad to answer all your questions and provide additional information on the project “LUKOIL – Ecology driven Energy focused”.