Bringing Azerbaijan to the world

In 2014, Dars Consulting launched a series of events called “Bringing Country to the World” with the goal of promoting different countries and their cultures to a global audience. The first event in the series took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, on September 16th of that year, and it was a great success.

Partnering with the BBC World News team, Dars Consulting organized the event “Bringing Azerbaijan to the World,” which featured speakers such as Sergey Stanovkin, Managing Director of Dars Consulting, and Sean O’Hara, Executive Vice-President of the BBC World. The event attracted a range of guests from a variety of organizations, including the British Embassy in Baku, SOFAZ, The State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Airlines, SOCAR, The State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Central Bank of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Investment Company, among others.

Through this event, Dars Consulting and BBC World News were able to showcase the beauty and richness of Azerbaijani culture to a global audience, highlighting the country’s unique history, traditions, and achievements. The event also provided an opportunity for attendees to network and connect with others who share an interest in promoting international cooperation and understanding.

Two months later Managing Director of Dars Consulting returned to Baku with Jim Eagan, CEO of BBC Global News, to meet the President of Azerbaijan.

Since the success of the first event in Baku, Dars Consulting has continued to organize “Bringing Country to the World” events in different locations, each highlighting a different country and its culture. These events have become a valuable platform for cultural exchange and international collaboration, bringing together diverse perspectives and fostering understanding and appreciation between different cultures.

The “Bringing Country to the World” event series organized by Dars Consulting has been a great success, providing a platform for promoting cultural exchange and international cooperation. We look forward to seeing more events in the series and the positive impact they will have on promoting understanding and appreciation between different cultures.”