25 years of kazakhstan independence

To make 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence interesting for the entire world Drs Consulting developed a creative idea and implemented it. As part of the project Dars Films produced 2 min mini-film and 25 min documentary “Kazakhstan by Thomas and Lucy Atkinson in 19th Century” in 2016.

This incredible story started in 1846 when British Architect Thomas Witham Atkinson decided to set off for a journey to Kazakhstan. He was one of the first European explorers to travel this far to the East of the vast Russian Empire. To do that he had to ask Russian Emperor directly to grant him special permission and issue him a passport. His contemporaries highly appreciated the discoveries made during this long journey. Two books about Kazakhstan published by Tomas Atkinson received a warm welcome from the western scientist and were very successful among the general public. Thomas Atkinson became a member of the Royal Geographical Society and Royal Geological Society.

One hundred seventy years later, descendants of Thomas and Lucy repeated their journey and came to Kazakhstan from as far as Hawaii, New Zealand, and the UK. Kazakhstan today is one of the most advanced countries in Central Asia. Its capital city built almost from scratch some 20 years ago is a fascinating mixture of Nomadic traditions and very modern architecture. Self-contained and eco-friendly buildings erected in the middle of what previously was vast and hardly habitable steppe make a clear statement. Kazakhstan is prepared to challenge the limits of what’s possible. Kazakhstan is blessed with rich natural recourses, but neither country nor its people are willing to stop there. As real nomads, they want to explore and embrace the world around them.

We have spent two months in Kazakhstan filming this 2 minutes long film. We hope you will like it as much as we do.

We invite you to watch behind the scenes film about our expedition to Kazakhstan in 2016: https://darsfilms.com/2016/09/30/filming-journey-of-thomas-and-lucy-atkinson-to-kazakhstan-in-the-19th-century/

2 min mini-film “Incredible journey of Thomas and Lucy Atkinson to Kazakhstan in the 19th century” was the first of many projects in the REVIVE HISTORY series of history-related mini-fllms produced by Dars Consulting in cooperation with Dars Films.

We will be glad to answer all your questions and provide additional information on the project “Kazakhstan – 25 years of independence”.