When we think about ecology, we often feel concerned and worried. We worry about how large companies and government agencies actions affect the environment and how we can preserve nature for future generations. But we also often feel disappointment and mistrust towards organizations and companies that claim to care about the environment during conferences or interviews with their leaders. To increase trust, systemic communications must be organized to form a sustainable and positive ecological brand for a country or company.

Although many companies, agencies, and even entire countries are trying to improve their reputation in the field of ecology, they often face obstacles due to the lack of systems and coordination in their communications. As we know, ecology is a problematic topic in many countries worldwide. Therefore, international and national ecological communications are difficult to implement. Creating and developing an attractive and strong ecological brand is always associated with genuine environmental concern. However, demonstrating care for nature and ecology requires systemic and quality communication support.

DARS Consulting has been working in the field of strategic communications and ecological branding for over 20 years. Our international projects with Russian companies Rosatom and LUKoil were among the first in the field of ecological branding. Ecological branding has also become one of the main elements of the Tambov region’s social and economic development program, prepared by DARS Consulting specialists in 2011.

Tambov is True Russia

The experience and professional knowledge of DARS Consulting’s employees allow us to develop and implement concepts of ecological branding for regions and countries, national companies, and international organizations and to implement them effectively. Contact us, and we will help you create a bright, strong, and attractive ecological brand for your company, city, region, or country.