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The project of the weekly half-hour program on Russian business was developed by Dars Consulting in cooperation with BBC World News in 2008. The first program of the 12-months project Russia Business Report was released on BBC World News on 24 April 2010. Russian business TV coverage on BBC World News was complemented by online content on

The head of the commercial part of the project was Sergey Stanovkin, Managing Director of Dars Consulting. All episodes of the program were filmed and produced by editors and journalists of BBC World News. Emma Simpson became the presenter of the first program Russia Business Report. She also was also filmed in the pilot episode of the program. In subsequent issues of Russia Business Report, other leading BBC World News presenters have participated. In particular, many issues of the Russia Business Report were hosted by Tanya Beckett.

The content of the programme Russia Business Report was structured as follows:
1. Regional profiles of Russia
2. Branches of the Russian economy
3. Russian business personalities

Subsequently, the programme was updated with new sections:
Russia Business Diary is a monthly review of upcoming business events in Russia; Russian Market Boards – a short overview of market trends, exchange rates and exchange prices;
Russian Facts and Figures are graphical screensavers with information about the population of cities and regions of Russia, actual information about cities, major airports and main branches of the Russian economy.

In the summer of 2008, the pilot release of the program was filmed, and in 2009 Dars Consulting started to negotiate with potential sponsors and advertising partners of the project. The pilot edition of the program represented the format of the program Russia Business Report and the style in which the program was shot.

BBC World News broadcast Russia Business Report every week for 12 months. The Russia Business Report series of programs became the largest information project about business in Russia implemented on international television. The program Russia Business Report represented almost all major cities and regions of Russia – from Moscow (September 2010) and Saint Petersburg to Kazan (August 2010), Perm, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok (January 2011). Interviews for Russia Business Report were given by Arkady Dvorkovich, German Gref, Oleg Deripaska, Anatoly Chubais, shareholders and managers of the largest Russian banks and companies – Sberbank, VTB Bank, Vnesheconombank, RUSAL, Norilsk Nickel and many others. A brief overview of the programmes aired in 2010-2011 can be seen in the announcement that was prepared for the 2011-2012 season.

Russia Business Report overview

Russian investment bank VTB Capital became a sponsor of the project. Olga Podoinitsyna, Member of the Board of VTB Capital said: “BBC Advertising provided end-to-end support throughout the whole campaign and delivered impressive results with a global business audience”. As a result of the Sponsorship of the Russia Business Report on BBC World News, VTB Capital had a 233% uplift in brand favorability (Source: BBC AdScore research, November 2010).

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